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Puerto Rico Joins Four U.S. States, Restricting Abortion Rights

Is Puerto Rico quietly trying to restrict abortion, joining eight U.S. states doing an end run around Roe v. Wade? I'm not sure how this got passed me. And further, why isn't this being reported in U.S. mainstream media? Only seven days after the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's Senate introduced restrictions on…
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El Asalto Naled—Una Entrevista con Sadhu Govardhan

Si eres un viajero ocasional o frecuente a Puerto Rico, o nunca has ido pero estás pensando en visitar la isla (o si vives ahí), sin duda has escuchado sobre el virus del Zika. Y si eres un fanático de los medios de comunicación convencionales, es probable que hayas leído que es un virus peligroso…
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The Naled Assault—An Interview with Sadhu Govardhan

Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveler to Puerto Rico, have never been but are considering visiting the island or you live here, you’ve no doubt heard or read about the Zika virus. If you’re a fan of mainstream media, you have probably read that it is a dangerous virus that poses all sorts…
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