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Selling Pot is Still Not Easy

March 31, 2021, was a historic day for New Yorkers, when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis. Cuomo sweetened the pot for two groups of people with a lot of crossover: Over the next two years, the state will expunge the records of approximately 150,000 New York residents previously convicted on cannabis…
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3 Sustainable Ways to Combat Covid-19 Stress And Weight Gain

Over the last week, several media outlets in both Canada and the United States have reported some unsurprising news: the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been very kind to our waistlines.  On average, one-third of Canadians gained five or more pounds since this time a year ago when sheltering-in-place began. By contrast, 61 percent of Americans gained…
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¿El Cenabais Puede Curar la Glioblastoma y Otros Tipos de Cancer?

Se trata de una mujer joven que venció al glioblastoma, a pesar de las probabilidades. ¿Cómo lo hizo? Pocos diagnósticos dan más miedo que el cáncer. Más escalofriante es informarse que se ha metastatizado a otras partes del cuerpo — ya sea a través de el sistema linfático o por el torrente sanguíneo — a…
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