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Op-ed: 6 Reasons People of Color Should Grow Their Own Food

In November 2007, my husband and I decided to leave our jobs in biotech, sell our Southern California suburban house, and buy an organic farm. Although we knew <em">what we wanted to do, we had no clue where we would do it. The only thing we knew for certain is that it would have to…
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History of CBD Use

Hemp-derived CBD, whether in the form of flower, a tincture or cream, oil, edible or non-combustible, has risen in popularity at near breakneck speed. So quickly, in fact, that if you are unfamiliar with its history, you may think CBD is relatively new. The history of CBD use may surprise you. As it happens, hemp,…
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3 Sustainable Ways to Combat Covid-19 Stress And Weight Gain

Over the last week, several media outlets in both Canada and the United States have reported some unsurprising news: the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been very kind to our waistlines.  On average, one-third of Canadians gained five or more pounds since this time a year ago when sheltering-in-place began. By contrast, 61 percent of Americans gained…
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