Interview with Founders of the Freedom Georgia Initiative

Many of us have threatened that if x happens, they'll do y. "If Trump is elected, I'll move to a new country," "if this law passes, I'll move" or "If the U.S. continues to do nothing about the police brutality against people of color, I'll start my own community that's safe and addresses all of my needs." Two women were tired of hearing the empty threats and promises that never come to fruition when the government continues to not only turn a blind eye but actually encourages cops and the justice system to brutalize people of color.

Ashley Scott and Renee Walters heard all the collective threats and created a safe haven for 19 families of color. Sitting on 97 acres in Georgia, Freedom Georgia Initiative will provide multiple functions.

Among them:

  • A school
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • On-sight medical care
  • A community of like-minded people
  • A safe haven for people of color

They've been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, The New York Times and more, I was humbled to have been granted an interview with them. Listen to them in their own words talk about their current plans and those for the future.

I am providing a transcript of the interview as well.