My New Approach to Responding to Whackerjacks

If you've known me for any length of time, you know I have a reputation for arguing about politics with people on Facebook. As an activist, I have long seen it as my duty to educate the ignorant. And long before Trump was elected to be the U.S.'s president (a reality that is still surreal…
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Rate Shaming

As long as I have been freelancing as a writer (since September 2009) I have encountered writers who feel it's important to offer unsolicited advice about rates. The problem is it rarely comes off as advice but more like judgment and disapproval. In the industry we call it rate shaming. Fewer things irk the shit…
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Caitlyn Jenner and What She’s Learned After Six Months of Being a Woman

I don't have a television (by choice, trust me) and so evidently I missed the 25th annual Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year awards. I learned about it from a Facebook friend's post this morning. Honored were: Serena Williams Billie Jean King Reese Witherspoon Misty Copeland Victoria Beckham Caitlyn Jenner Elizabeth Holmes The five women…
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