I started freelance ghostwriting in September 2009. A little late by some standards, given my age at the time (42) but I was reinventing myself after having served a 20 to life sentence in corporate America. I didn’t have any professional writing experience when I started and I had to do a lot of on the job training. Every time I learned something, I made note of it and tried not to make the same mistake twice. While I was registered with Elance (an online bidding platform that matched clients with freelancers) I was asked to write a regular column for their blog. Although they’ve since merged with UpWork (I didn’t follow them) and are now closed, I thought some of the advice might be relevant to both new and struggling freelancers. Not all of it pertains to getting jobs though a bidding site. I hope my advice is helpful.

What Should Freelancer Writers Charge?

When I started freelancing in 2009, I remember reading about all the predictions. Forbes shouted, "By the year 2020 more than half of U.S. workers will be freelancing!" Other predictions centered around the global gig economy, where the numbers were supposed to be around 35 percent. As it turns out, Forbes was wrong. By this…
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How Do Clients See Freelancers?

Many people know me as the owner of Coquí Prose, but I am also a prolific client who frequently uses Upwork to hire freelancers. Although many of you may have hired a few other freelancers to fill the occasional needs of a client or to assist with specific projects, I work day in and day…
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Pitching Publications or Content Writing: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re new to writing, you may wonder how to go from “the calling” to being paid for your words. You may also be wondering whether you should do content writing, pitch publications, break into broadcast journalism, try your hand at script writing or attempt the “Great American Novel.” First of all, if you don’t…
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My Path to Becoming a Freelance Writer

I became a freelance writer in 2009. A year earlier my husband and I moved to Puerto Rico (from California) to buy an organic farm. We'd been working for Amgen (the world's largest biotech), had a house in the suburbs, two cars, two cats and two motorcycles. Despite all of the trappings of middle class,…
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