I started freelance ghostwriting in September 2009. A little late by some standards, given my age at the time (42) but I was reinventing myself after having served a 20 to life sentence in corporate America. I didn’t have any professional writing experience when I started and I had to do a lot of on the job training. Every time I learned something, I made note of it and tried not to make the same mistake twice. While I was registered with Elance (an online bidding platform that matched clients with freelancers) I was asked to write a regular column for their blog. Although they’ve since merged with UpWork (I didn’t follow them) and are now closed, I thought some of the advice might be relevant to both new and struggling freelancers. Not all of it pertains to getting jobs though a bidding site. I hope my advice is helpful.

Ask Sarah: Portfolio vs Resume

In this week's Ask Sarah, I'm going to talk about your portfolio and resume: two integral pieces of being a freelance writer. In my opinion, one of the most crucial aspects of freelancing is promotion. What good is being an expert in your field and/or being a great writer if you have no way of…
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Rate Shaming

As long as I have been freelancing as a writer (since September 2009) I have encountered writers who feel it's important to offer unsolicited advice about rates. The problem is it rarely comes off as advice but more like judgment and disapproval. In the industry we call it rate shaming. Fewer things irk the shit…
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Journalistic Integrity

As writers and journalists, we have an obligation to tell the story: accurately, completely and truthfully. Good writers don't have to embellish to make a story gripping. By being truthful and accurate in our reporting, the words tell the story. To do otherwise means we're no better than Fox News and The National Enquirer. We…
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Building an Agency: Find Clients or Hire Freelancers First?

If you're seriously considering owning a content agency, one of the first things you have to address is a conundrum. Should you find clients or hire freelancers first? It's a real concern to ponder. It's a chicken or egg thing and how I did things is not necessarily the way to do it. Although things…
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So You Want to Be an Agency Owner

Something I'm frequently asked about is how to become an agency owner. It seems a natural progression to go from a freelance force of one to managing a team of freelancers, doesn't it? Well, actually no. They're extremely different and not every freelancer is built to be an agency owner—and vice versa. For some it…
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Freelancing in the Age of Social Justice

I was 13 years old when the movie Hair was released and the first time I heard the song "Easy to Be Hard." I was in high school and well on my way to becoming I am now. Raised by two socialists, I was political from my first breath. Some call us bleeding hearts, as…
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