The Asian Glow: What I Didn’t Know Could Have Killed Me

Have you ever heard of the Asian Glow? Despite being 1/4 Japanese, until two months ago, I hadn't either. This morning I went looking for something: a specific flashlight I like. Normally it sits on top of this Indian cabinet we have (it was made in India, we bought it in upstate New York). I…
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Journalistic Integrity

As writers and journalists, we have an obligation to tell the story: accurately, completely and truthfully. Good writers don't have to embellish to make a story gripping. By being truthful and accurate in our reporting, the words tell the story. To do otherwise means we're no better than Fox News and The National Enquirer. We…
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Weedmaps Article

This was supposed to be a reported piece about cannabis consumers who had previously been reluctant to try cannabis. I was never supposed to be the main focus of the article. I honestly don't believe my story is so compelling.  From the outside, Sarah Ratliff's family seemed to live the ideal life. I never said…
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